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Northern Ireland company acquires logistics analytics business


Jim Darragh

Jim Darragh

Jim Darragh

Northern Ireland software firm Totalmobile has acquired a company in England which provides workforce management and analytics technology in the logistics sector.

The Belfast-based firm said taking over Cognito iQ in Newbury - its biggest acquisition to date - gives it an entry to the UK logistics market and big name clients like Hermes, Transport for London and Argos.

Delivery firms like Hermes have seen a huge increase in demand from consumers who have been buying online during lockdowns. Cognito iQ collects data from multiple sources in real time to provide a clear overview of performance. That enables even very complex organisations to manage data and improve productivity and efficiency.

Totalmobile already specialises in field services management but said the acquisition would bring in the best possible performance analytics capability on the market. It also announced the acquisition of GeoPal last month.

Cognito iQ technology will be rebranded as Totalmobile's new 'Analyse' product.

It will then be offered to Totalmobile's existing customer base of over 1,000 organisations in sectors like government, health and social care, facilities management, infrastructure and housing.

It's Totalmobile's sixth acqusition in the last two years and its biggest ever.

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The firm said it's now "firmly on track to achieve its goal to become the world's largest regional field services management company by the end of 2021".

Jim Darragh, CEO of Totalmobile, said: "In today's world the ability to manage, analyse and then action operational data is critical for any organisation that is striving to provide an exceptional service.

"With today's acquisition of Cognito iQ, I am delighted to announce that we have added a market leading real time analytics software solution that enables any customer to drive continuous improvement across their operations.

"In addition, this technology strongly complements our existing solutions which are providing our customers with mobile working, dynamic scheduling, job management, staff rostering and lone worker protection capabilities.

"The acquisition of Cognito iQ is the largest in the history of the company and comes shortly after the addition of utilities sector specialist GeoPal.

"This highlights the giant strides that we are making as we continue to accelerate our growth," Mr Darragh added.

Laurent Othacéhé, CEO, Cognito iQ, said Totalmobile was the best springboard to take its products to large-scale markets. "We very much look forward to joining the Totalmobile Group to accelerate growth and deliver transformational solutions to our customers."