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Northern Ireland flooring firm that supplied Bond film opens in London

By Staff Reporter

A Northern Ireland flooring firm which once supplied a James Bond film is opening in London as part of plans for growth through franchising.

The Wooden Floor Company is opening up at Fulham Road in Parsons Green and will build another 15,000 square foot warehouse on Falcon Road in Belfast to meet demand.

The London store is the first franchise of the brand. It already has two outlets in Belfast and Lisburn and four in Scotland - in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Falkirk and Paisley.

In 2015, it won a £30,000 deal to supply Pinewood Studios in London with wooden flooring for scenes featuring an Austrian hotel on the set of James Bond film Spectre.

It's hoping to have more than 20 sites over the next three to five years.

Director and founder Richard Snape said: "In recent years we've solidified our position as a leader in the Northern Irish and Scottish markets, but we are always looking for ways to grow and develop our business and London was a natural progression.

"Our new townhouse boutique in London is our first foray into England. There's a lot of appetite for our products and services already, so we're in the early stages of discussions about another London location.

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"Since I set up the business in Lisburn two decades ago, we've developed over 100 products, managing every stage of the process from forest to shop floor."

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