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Northern Ireland makes a splash as the wettest part of UK in July

By Staff Reporter

Northern Ireland had more rainfall than any other part of the UK last month - although it also enjoyed much more sun than usual.

Met Office figures show the UK as a whole saw 22% more rain than average in July, with Northern Ireland the region with the highest level of rainfall at 113.1mm - 39% above its monthly average.

While all regions have had close to the average amount of sunshine, Scotland and Northern Ireland have enjoyed more sun than usual.

The province had 162.6 hours of sunshine in July - 16% above the average.

The average temperature here was 14.5C - just -0.1 cooler than usual.

Today will bring a mixture of bright or sunny spells and showers, these again occasionally heavy, Met Office forecasters said.

The best of the sunny spells between the showers are expected during the afternoon.

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