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One third of IT workers severely hit by coronavirus pandemic in Northern Ireland


Paul Wright and Phil Vernon

Paul Wright and Phil Vernon

Paul Wright and Phil Vernon

Just under one-third of IT professionals in Northern Ireland have seen pay or conditions harmed by the Covid-19 crisis, a survey has said.

The research by recruitment firm Enso said 30% of respondents to their survey had faced either redundancy, furlough, reduction in pay or non-payment of bonuses.

However, their survey of 300 employers and professionals found that 80% of firms were optimistic about the sector's ability to recover.

And nearly all workers said they expect remote working to be at least part of their role in future after embracing working from home in lockdown.

Just under 90% of IT workers would now consider remote working roles with companies outside Northern Ireland.

And 75% of employers here would consider recruiting home workers from outside Northern Ireland in future. However, a quarter of employers indicated they wanted a return to office life.

Paul Wright, Enso co-founder, said: "The Covid-19 crisis could potentially be the biggest disruptor to work culture since the dawn of the internet age. As so many professionals have had a taste of remote and/or flexible working and enjoyed it, it will be difficult to put the genie back in the bottle. The good news is that 75% of employers here are more open to remote working but the remaining quarter who wish to remain largely office-based might find it more difficult to recruit when such an overwhelming majority are clamouring for greater flexibility." Enso said its next survey will consider the impact of homeworking on company culture and other issues.

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