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QUB granted £1m funding to help with its research

Queen’s University
Queen’s University

By Staff Reporter

Queen's University has been awarded more than £1m to boost the social and economic impact of its research.

It's one of 25 universities from across the UK to be awarded an Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Queen's said the funds should help academics apply their research to areas including the economy and education.

Adrienne Scullion, pro-vice-chancellor for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, said: "Over the next four years, this funding will bring our research to the next level by enabling social scientists to collaborate more with a greater range of businesses, policymakers, NGOs and civil society.

"It will create new opportunities for our researchers and their research to make a positive contribution to the wider society and to the economy.

"I am looking forward to what the next four years of ESRC funding will bring for our researchers, as we enhance and expand our impact on society."

Professor Jennifer Rubin, executive chair of ESRC, added: "This next generation of IAA funding will enable research organisations to build the capacity, capability and opportunity for social scientists to play their part in ensuring the UK's world-leading research is brought to bear on the pressing social and economic challenges and opportunities we face."

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