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Retired Belfast shipping boss Alan Dunlop back at work on the docks


Alan Dunlop unloading coiled steel

Alan Dunlop unloading coiled steel

Alan Dunlop unloading coiled steel

The former boss of a Belfast shipping company has come out of retirement and gone back to work to help out during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ex-William Reid director Alan Dunlop made the decision to return after four employees decided to self-isolate.

The 67-year-old said: "William Reid battled through the worst imaginable trading circumstances.

"During the Second World War the firm turned its hand to shipping potatoes to Great Britain and during economic downturns we were severely tested but pulled through. We will also pull through this awful pandemic.

"Like other companies, we are suffering, which is why I've come out of retirement to lend a hand on the quayside.

"Naturally, we are strictly adhering to the Government guidance on Covid-19 to give employees maximum protection."

William Reid is currently unloading 3,500 tonnes of coiled steel carried from Taiwan by a ship named Spar Spice.

The steel will eventually be used across the island.

After the vessel leaves Belfast, it will make its final call in Belgium.

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