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The figures (in £'000)

Norbrook Holidays

Norbrook Holdings is the English-registered parent company for the Norbrook Laboratories group, which is based in Newry. The holding company consolidates the performance of about 20 companies trading across the world.

The company is one of the largest local private companies and is amongst the most profitable (on pre-tax profits) of locally controlled manufacturing businesses.

The new chairman is Sir Ian Gibson, who was previously chairman of WM Morrison Supermarkets, Trinity Mirror and deputy chairman of Asda.

The board of Norbrook now includes Lady Ballyedmond, as deputy chairman, and her two adult sons.

Company founder Lord Ballyedmond, formerly Eddie Haughey, died in a helicopter crash in 2014.

The group is controlled by the Lord Ballyedmond Family Trust.

Well-known industrialist Sir Roy McNulty resigned as a director in August 2016 and Martin Murdoch resigned as a director in July 2017.

In the year 2015-16 the group company (re-)purchased a number of its own shares from shareholders at a cost of £74m.

Then, in the more recent year 2016-17, the group issued new preference shares, raising new capital of £10m.

The group has reported a history of increasing turnover and profitability.

Turnover in 2016-17 increased by 14% to reach just over £271m.

In the last three years, operating profits have more than doubled to exceed £50m in 2016-17.

Pre-tax profits have also resumed a healthy upward trend.

Capital investment in 2016-17 rose by 15% to exceed £15m.

Employment on a worldwide basis averaged 2,068 people. This was 7% less than in 2015-16.

The balance sheet value of shareholders' funds, having fallen by just over £40m a year ago (following the large share repurchase), increased at the more recent year end to over £128m.

This increase was largely attributable to the retention of post-tax profits after the payment of dividends related to the last two years of just under £11m.

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