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Ulster Bank cuts will see 25 jobs go in Northern Ireland

Ulster Bank

Around 25 Northern Ireland jobs will be lost as part of cuts by Ulster Bank to its operations in the Republic.

The bank is cutting a total of 266 roles in its operations in the Republic - a move which affects 53 jobs in Northern Ireland.

However, the bank is expected to create 57 roles, which are to be split between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

That process is expected to result in a net loss of 25 jobs.

A spokesman for Ulster Bank in the Republic said: "We have announced the next phase of our programme to reduce our costs which includes operational changes and a reduction of 266 roles, which we aim to achieve on a voluntary redundancy basis, where possible.

"A small number of roles have also been created. We know this is difficult news for our colleagues and we are doing everything we can to support those affected by the changes."

The 266 roles in the Republic represent around 9.5% of its workforce in the Republic.

Ulster Bank in Northern Ireland employs around 1,900 people.

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