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Ulster Bank proud to be main sponsors as Balmoral Show celebrates 150th anniversary

The Balmoral Show has continued to thrive throughout its long history
The Balmoral Show has continued to thrive throughout its long history

By Lisa McCaul, business growth enabler, Ulster Bank

Few events have been around for 150 years. The FA Cup comes pretty close - it's 147 years old. Hollywood's elite have been collecting Oscars for 90 years and while it may feel as though it's been around for an eternity, there have actually only been 14 winners of The X Factor.

Last week, sponsors, exhibitors and friends of the Balmoral Show gathered to congratulate the RUAS on its 150th year. Ulster Bank became the show's principal sponsor in 2009, and when I think about all that has changed in the world in the past decade, it makes me appreciate just how impressive it is that the show has continued to endure and grow through its very long history.

In short, the world has changed dramatically in that time and beyond almost all recognition since the first show all those decades ago.

I have no doubt that if its founders could see what the RUAS has in store for 2018, they would be immensely proud of what the show has become.

Ulster Bank is delighted to be an integral part of an event that has a central place in Northern Ireland's agriculture calendar, and while we celebrate this significant milestone, for me this year's show is even more about looking to the future than marking the achievements of the past.

Having just finished a series of Ulster Bank Boost roadshow events, I've seen first-hand how farmers have shown themselves to be adept at continually adapting and innovating; a skill certainly shared with their banking counterparts.

As a business growth enabler, I understand the difficulties involved with growing a business in the midst of uncertainty, as has been the case for many in this sector. With the help of our expert agricultural team, these events have helped to equip local dairy farmers for the challenges that lie ahead, whilst providing them with the knowledge and networks to evolve. Discussing things like growth factors, financial tips and an insight into land leasing from the Land Mobility Service, we show farmers what makes the difference between a good dairy business and an average one.

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It's clear that this industry has some fantastic things planned for the future, and this year's Balmoral Show will be an exciting showcase of all that is to come.

Ulster Bank will continue to reach out to the agri-sector and help it to become more profitable, more sustainable and an industry that truly deserves to be crowned best in show.

  • The Balmoral Show takes place from Wednesday May 16 to Saturday May 19 at Balmoral Park, Lisburn

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