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'Unconscious bias' warning to employers

By Staff Reporter

Employers in Northern Ireland should modernise their approach to "unconscious bias" in the workplace, a recruitment firm has warned.

Cpl Solutions International says unconscious bias happens when "the brain makes incredibly quick judgments and assessments of people and situations without the individual realising".

The firm has hosted an event in Belfast about the issue to help educate businesses.

Peter Cosgrove, group marketing and communications director at Cpl, said understanding and changing unconscious biases is now vital to employers.

"Biases are influenced by background, cultural environment and personal experiences," he explained. "At any given moment, our brains are receiving 11 million pieces of information.

"We can only consciously process about 40 of those pieces. To process the rest, we rely on our subconscious, which helps us filter information by taking mental short-cuts.

"We want businesses to better understand this process and so improve areas of their business like gender diversity."

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