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Updated Ulster Bank app will let customers browse accounts with rival lenders

Terry Robb
Terry Robb

By Staff Reporter

Ulster Bank customers will be able to view details of accounts held with rival lenders through the bank's mobile app.

The new service, which is part of a move towards Open Banking, will allow users to view their current accounts with 15 different institutions.

Customers will be able to look at account information, balances and transactions from the other banks.

Open banking, which was set up by the Competition and Markets Authority on behalf of the Government, allows the public to consent to having their information shared with providers of financial services. In return, customers receive access to more financial products.

Terry Robb, head of personal banking at Ulster Bank, said: "We're focused on putting in place practical, relevant improvements that improve customers' experiences, no matter how they choose to bank with us."

Chief digital officer Frans Woelders added: "This is an important step in our mission to transform our digital services, focusing on digital innovation and using the latest Open Banking technology to help make people's banking lives easier."

Danske Bank also provides access to information about Santander accounts on its app.

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