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'We want to instil optimism in province's economy'

Ryan McAleer

By Ryan McAleer

FinTrU founder Darragh McCarthy has said he wants to instil a sense of optimism in the Northern Ireland economy.

Speaking yesterday as he announced 605 new jobs in Londonderry and Belfast, the Cork native said his financial services firm is driven by more than profit.

"We want to instil a sense of optimism into the Northern Ireland economy, into the youth of Northern Ireland, that there are career opportunities and people can be very successful in their own country and we want to be part of that success story," he said.

"FinTrU is not just purely a profit-driven company - FinTrU has social aspirations to create high quality professional service employment in Ireland."

Most of the 305 new roles in Derry, along with 300 in Belfast, are expected to go to graduates who pass through FinTrU's academy programme.

While in the past some major job announcements here have tended to feature relatively low-paid telesales roles, FinTrU has said its recruits will be offered permanent contracts.

The jobs are expected to initially attract salaries in the £20-25,000 bracket.

Mr McCarthy said he hoped most of the graduates who pass through the programmes will remain with FinTrU in the long-term.

But, he continued, he would also take pride in the contribution they can make to the wider economy.

"We will relish the opportunity if there is an ecosystem of higher paid, better developed, professional people in Northern Ireland. Because I think economic well-being solves a lot of problems," he said.

Describing the "social ambition" of his firm and a number of recent award wins, he added: "That clearly isn't happening by accident, our people are happy to work here and we're clearly giving them the development opportunities and a sense of purpose.

"But ultimately, if we create better skilled, better paid professional services people, I generally think there will be an ecosystem that will benefit from it and I think we would be incredibly proud as a company in playing a role in that journey."

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