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Werewolf Food to take bite out of dog food market with delivery offer

Christopher and Bridgeen Hanlon
Christopher and Bridgeen Hanlon
Margaret Canning

By Margaret Canning

It's a far cry from scraps from the dinner table - Northern Ireland's pampered pooches and their besotted owners are now able to sign up for the province's first subscription-model dog food delivery service.

Canine meals on wheels business Werewolf Food has been set up by husband and wife, Bridgeen and Christopher Hanlon.

Prices for its dry dog food start at about £8.99 for 2kg, to nearly £55 for 15kg - with the biggest size likely to keep a Great Dane going for 30 days, and a Jack Russell for 90 days.

And it comes in flavours associated more with upmarket eateries than traditional dog food - venison, sweet potato and basil.

The Hanlons already run two other doggy businesses in Crossgar, Co Down - a dog-care facility, Brookvale Boarding, and Brookvale Detection Dogs, which trains specialist sniffer dogs used by police and government services.

The company plans to secure a big bite of the dog food market in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain.

And it says that hundreds of customers have already been secured in the firm's first six months of trading.

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Mr Hanlon said a proper diet was central to good behaviour and the general happiness of any canine companion.

"When we set about creating Werewolf Food, we wanted to first of all create a dog food range that responded well to what a dog needs to thrive and enjoy life.

"Dogs need a well-balanced mix of protein, fat and carbohydrate as well as all the nutrients and micro-nutrients that we as humans need.

"Consistency with food is very important for the gut health of dogs too, with many dogs experiencing digestive upset when food or feeding patterns change.

"Our subscription-model, delivering feed as your dog should need it, means you can keep consistency as you'll never run out of food."

The couple has also launched a new podcast aimed at dog lovers. Sit Happens! can be streamed on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud.

Bridgeen Hanlon said: "Northern Ireland is an incredibly healthy market for our newest venture as the research shows time and again that we are a nation of dog lovers.

"Our research shows that the subscription model is also increasing in pet food markets in Great Britain, Ireland and the US, so the timing is right too."

The subscription model has already proved a winner for other markets, including make-up - with a service called Glossybox - as well as Hello Fresh for cooking and flower service Bloom and Wild.

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