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'Reduce parking charges'

By Robin Morton

The Lord Mayor of Belfast today made a plea for car park charges and public transport fares to be cut in the run-up to Christmas.

Jim Rodgers appealed to transport providers to "enter into the festive spirit" and cut costs for customers.

He said: "There is a lot happening in Belfast over the coming weeks and we should all be doing our bit to encourage as many people as possible to come into the city and enjoy what we have to offer.

"I already have asked the Roads Service to consider reducing car parking charges on Saturdays from the middle of November until the middle of January."

A spokesman for the Department of Regional Development said Roads Service car parking tariffs, both on and off-street, were set at "a relatively low level".

He said: "The maximum car park charge is £1 per hour and to reduce this further would attract more all-day parkers and reduce the number of spaces for people coming into the city to shop.

"The occupancy level of both our on-street and off-street car parking spaces is extremely high, which would indicate that the current tariffs do not discourage visitors and shoppers to the city centre."

A spokesman for Translink said: "This is an ideal time for commuters to avail of public transport. Our fare structure is designed to offer a range of ticket types including various promotional fares to suit a diverse range of passenger demand."

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