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Carrick shoemaker to market brogues in US

A Carrickfergus shoemaker is reclaiming the Irish brogue in a plan to export high quality shoes to the US.

Robinson’s Shoemakers has developed its own brand of the traditional footwear with support from Invest Northern Ireland and has launched them for sale online. The shoes are the only brand of Irish brogue available, despite the shoe originally being created in Ireland.

Robin Stewart of Robinson’s Shoemakers explains: “The brogue is an Irish shoe. Brogues were designed for men working in peat bogs, with the holes in the leather intended to let out water when they lifted their feet. However brogues are now most closely associated with traditional English shoemakers and apart from ours, there are no other genuine Irish brogues being made."

"We were provided with support from Invest Northern Ireland to research and develop a brand of real Irish brogues. We are making the product available in the US, using the heritage of our company, the history of Carrickfergus and the linkage between Ireland and US Presidents as selling points," he continues.

Robinson’s is Northern Ireland’s only shoemaker, offering a bespoke shoemaking service in addition to the new brogue. The company was founded in 1954 and is now owned by the Carrickfergus-based Stewart family.

The business includes a high quality ladies’ footwear shop, a high end men’s shop, a shoe repair business, and the shoemaking service. More information about the new brogues and the company is available a t

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