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Drinks firm to target America as part of global plan to boost sales

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Barbara Hughes, Boozeberries Liqueurs

What is your business?

Boozeberries is an award-winning artisan berry liqueur naturally enhanced with the infusion of whole wild fragrant berries.

Stuart and I are a husband and wife team and my role is to grow the business by exploring new opportunities both at home and in export markets.

What interesting projects are you currently involved in?

We are exploring the USA marketplace due to the volume of interest Boozeberries liqueurs have attracted.

We hope to establish links with a USA importer and distributors in the coming months. We have agreements in place with a Turkish importer and are looking forward to developing business in the style bars and hotels in Istanbul.

What are the greatest challenges?

Competition is fierce in the drinks industry - a small marketing budget is unheard of with industry leaders splashing limitless cash at new projects.

Stuart and I are incredibly passionate and focused and make every pound work hard for us.

Ensuring that we connect with our target market and supporting our distributors and partners is crucial in growing our business.

Do you plan to export?

Export is a major part of our strategy - Irish liqueurs have always had a global appeal and so we intend to pursue all possibilities.

What are the barriers to achieving this?

The cost of travel, time away from family and the language and cultural differences in some of the markets.

How do you market your business?

We have a small budget, so we use social networking to engage and communicate directly with our consumers.

We find that this a very successful way of reaching people.

How has the recession affected you?

We started our business during the recession, so we can expect things will only improve.

Is cashflow an issue?

Cash flow is crucial, but being a new business it is even more so.

We are very careful and plan ahead.

Have you adjusted pricing because of the economic environment?

Yes. We have reduced pricing to the consumer to encourage impulse purchase

What innovations are you engaged in?

We are developing an exciting innovative drink and hope to launch this before the end of the year.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

We are a family business and extremely passionate about our liqueurs. That is motivation itself.