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Export technologies and novosco 'prime examples of companies adapting and expanding'

By Ron Immink

"The storms of creative destruction are blowing us to a better place." This is a quote directly from Megachange, The World in 2050.

I write regularly about the speed of change and how 'Moore's law' is now applying to nearly every industry, from genetics and biology to social media. It now also applies to the speed with which we are adopting to and embracing new technology and you have an explosive mix of change.

To put it another way: the trends are not linear but exponential, so we are talking change with rocket boosters, increasing speed all the time.

This is something to reflect on for Christmas. How will that impact on your business? If you are looking for inspiration, have a look at the Deloitte Fast 50. Fifteen of the top 50 companies were from Northern Ireland.

Look at the companies at the Northern Ireland Science Park in Belfast. Look at Novosco and Export Technologies. These are prime examples of companies adapting and expanding.

I can already hear the reasons why you can't do the same:

  • you are too small
  • you don't have the money
  • my industry is immune to change
  • you don't understand
  • doesn't apply to my business
  • I am too old

The term is 'boiling frog'. When the water boils, it is too late. You are part of the creative destruction.

But you CAN.

  • Take a day off and go read some science fiction
  • Visit and watch some videos
  • Read 'Megachange'
  • Write down a passion statement (what are you and your business passionate about?)
  • Split your business model into the smallest parts possible and look how technology could change and improve the way you are working
  • Develop a client hassle map and identify where you can add value
  • Spend another day on imagining your business in 2020, including identifying some milestones on how to get there
  • Take a few days off

It works for every business, small and big. It will re-energise, show you the possibilities, and is a great way to start the new year.

You might want to also use that for your application for the Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards

Northern Ireland has a growing number of dynamic and promising companies. Wouldn't you want to be one of them?

Ron Immink is the co-founder of