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Next Level Can: Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy, Director of software development, RentPro

What is your business?

RentPro is a software product developed by K-Point Internet Solutions. Its primary target is residential letting agents, though we're expanding into the commercial sector.

RentPro aims to reduce the admin burden of running a letting agency through the generation of landlord statements and rent reports, marketing available properties and tracking property repairs. As head of RentPro development, I co-ordinate and approve plans for new features and drive business growth.

What interesting projects are you engaged in?

We're about to introduce text features so that letting agents can easily contact tenants, landlords and sub-contractors.

These will remind tenants about overdue rent, or notify sub-contractors of repair works. RentPro is a web-based product. Letting agents can exploit this by giving landlords accounts on the system - cutting the time taken to field queries from their clients.

What are your greatest challenges?

We have to differentiate our product by making it easier to use and more innovative. We have to convince potential clients to entrust development to us, as we become the engine driving their business forward.

How will you develop the company?

The UK and Ireland have relatively small numbers in rented accommodation compared to other European countries - so we aim to break into these markets soon.

What challenges do you have accessing international markets?

The main ones are language and legislation. We're lucky to have support from Invest NI to help us understand legislation and we will use their expertise to research new markets.

How do you market your business?

Our most effective medium is online, via Google Adwords, and by improving our search engine rankings. We don't ignore traditional advertising routes and through marketing agency Pulse PR we've developed new adverts aimed at the trade press.

Is cashflow an issue?

No company can ignore cashflow. We decided to license the product rather than sell it. Subscribers pay a monthly fee to use our product. This has advantages to everyone. Our clients receive ongoing support and updates.

Which entrepreneur do you most admire?

Lord Sugar. He achieved massive success through hard work and a finely tuned business brain. He has the know how to survive whatever occurs in the economy.