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No choice but to get tangled up in the web

Businesses will have to embrace social media or risk falling behind

By Ron Immink

As one of the founders of Smallbusinesscan I try to stay ahead, or at least on top, of the thinking on social media.

Understanding the speed at which things change is important and I make a point of reading up as much as I can.

Recently I've read two books on the subject; Socialnomics and The Mesh. I have also reviewed them for radio.

I got carried away and used the word crap (twice) and advised listeners not to read them.

I now admit I might have been wrong in some respects of what I said.

Methinks I did the subject of social media and its impact on business a disservice.

Rather, by focussing on how bad the two books are (and if you have read a few on the subject of social media, you will know exactly what I mean), I should have explained that social media is not 'an option'.

Companies have to embrace it.

It's not a choice of whether you will do it, but a choice of how well you will do it.

I give you two statistics:

  • One trillion (one million million) devices are now connected to the internet;
  • If Facebook was a country, it's population would be smaller only to China's and India's.

I should have mentioned social commerce, social search and social media as the new inbox (e-mail is outdated; ask a teenager). These are developments you cannot ignore as a company.

Anyone who has been given any education in marketing will have been taught about the power of word-of-mouth and the importance of reputation.

Social media is word-of-mouth on digital steroids and reputation (=trust) is everything in social media.

Only 17% of people trust advertising and 50% of internet users would consult a blog before purchasing. Have you taken that into account with your current marketing and sales plan?

For you to get a fix on where social media is going and what is available as possible channels for you to engage (and boldly go), I would highly recommend that you have a look at the conversation prism of Brian Solis (

That should give you a head start on designing your new marketing plan.

PS: marketing plan is probably not the right word anymore.

Word of mouth plan? Social media plan? Engagement plan? These are just some of the terms.

Any suggestions on a catchy phrase would be very much appreciated. You can get in touch by visiting