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£500k cyber security lab at Queen's to address new challenges

Innovation: Prof Sakir Sezer
Innovation: Prof Sakir Sezer

By Staff Reporter

Queen's University has launched a new cyber security research lab in a £0.5m investment.

The lab is based at the university's Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT).

It has been set up to improve the ability of academic research to address challenges in the cyber security research.

Professor Sakir Sezer, head of connected systems security at CSIT, said the lab was a significant investment.

"With cyber-attacks and emerging threats becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, applied research and innovation in cybersecurity depends on data-sets and well equipped state-of-the-art experimental labs and shared research infrastructures," he said.

"The CSIT Test Lab is one of the first UK-wide research infrastructures providing an experimental playground for both academia and industry to collaborate, innovate and share equipment, tools, experiments and data-sets."

Members of CSIT include Equiniti, Allstate, Euronext and Thales.

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Northern Ireland has been described as the number one location in the world for cyber security inward investment and as a top global destination for US cyber security companies.

Last year, US cyber security firm Anomali announced it would create 120 new jobs with the opening of its European Research and Development Labs in Belfast.

And CSIT announced that it would generate investment of £38.5m in research and development to encourage the growth of cyber security.

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