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6 of the best luxury gadgets

Have money to spare this Christmas? Then push the boat out with these super deluxe gifts, writes Keeley Bolger

Pixel, £599, If it's luxury you're after, Google's first phone, the Pixel, doesn't disappoint. After all, what could be more luxurious than having a phone check the status of your train for you? Or the screening times of that new film you've been itching to see? That's what the Pixel will do for you. Built in to the phone is Google Assistant, which, after a short voice recognition exercise, responds to you when you prompt it verbally. The slimline design is easy to use and, best of all, the battery lasts all day.

Sony NW-WM1Z Signature Series Walkman with High-Resolution Audio, £2,562,

Think Walkmans are now a museum piece? Think again. This Sony offering is as premium and relevant as you can get — and about as eye-wateringly expensive too. Set in a gold-plated copper case and weighing a whopping 455g (compared with the relatively dinky iPhone 7 Plus, which weighs 188g) this Walkman is all about the design and quality of the sound, rather than convenience. And it does have some neat features, such as 256GB memory and the option of improving the sound of any low-quality recordings to as close to high-resolution quality as possible. Just make sure you save enough money to splash out on some equally plush headphones, as they’re not included.

Apple Watch Series 2 Rose Gold Aluminium Case with Midnight Blue Sport Band, £399, John Lewis

Okay, it is just shy of £400, but the Apple Watch really is several presents in one. The built-in GPS accurately monitors activity levels, making it easier than ever to record runs and bike rides, even if they are sub-par after the festive blowout. You can also use the watch in water (although not for deep submersion) and measure your heart rate with a sensor app. If you're enjoying the sofa too much to take advantage of the sporty features though, the watch also synchronises with mail, messages and calendar on your iPhone, so you can start planning 2017 from the comfort of your living room.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Rose Gold Edition Toothbrush, £270, Boots

We all need a toothbrush, but for the luxury lover, a run-of-the-mill drab old brush won't cut the mustard. This is where the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean comes into its own. The top-range price tag means a sleeker design and loads of added extras. So in place of a regular charger, you'll be given a glass that sits on a charging port to give the battery a boost overnight, or you can just use it as a regular glass to store your brush. There's a travel case with a range of charging options - including through the shell of the case - and five settings for cleaning your teeth.

Polaroid SX-70 Camera plus film, £359.99,

Just days before the last Polaroid factory closed down in 2008, The Impossible Project bought it and have spent the intervening years mastering their engineering and design specs to continue the line of Polaroids. This camera set, which comes with a triple pack of film, doesn't give you the option of flicking through the images on screen, but who needs that when you have the instant glory of seeing your photos printed out immediately? One of the best features is a frog tongue lip which sits over the printing slot and shields your photos from sunlight as they come out.

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless Headphones, £319.99,

If you have the phone, the Walkman and the luxury watch, now it's time to buy the fancy headphones too. The P7 offers you 17 hours of wireless playback, perfect for drowning out any family squabbles over the festive period. The headphones have memory foam in them so that they perfectly fit the lobes of the lucky recipient. And best of all, because the set is wireless, there are no clunky wires to contend with.

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