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6 of the best running headphones

Love listening to music while you work out? These headphones have been made with exercise in mind

By Polly Weeks

Call the Dr: Beats By Dre Powerbeats2 Wireless Headphones, £169.95, from - Their style appeals to millennials, while the clarity of sound satisfies musos. Beats By Dre headphones have become a must-have brand for many, and their wireless sport headphones will appeal for exactly the same reasons.

They're available in great colours and look good, but most importantly, come with brilliant tech. Syncing them to your phone via Bluetooth is really simple, just press down the power button for four seconds and it will connect. A full charge will see them last six hours, but if you forget until just before you go out for a run, plug them in for 15 minutes and you'll get an hour's use. When you are pounding the streets, they're great at staying put and are also sweat and water-resistant.

Gold medal worthy

Gibson Trainer Ti100 earphones, £149.95, from

Finding a pair of sports headphones that will stay firmly in place when you're sprinting can be tricky, which is why Gibson teamed up with Usain Bolt. Together, they've created the Ti100. These wireless Bluetooth headphones are almost too light, you'll have suspicions about whether they'll stay in when you're bounding along, but yes, they do.

This is due to their 'Aeroflex' function - the earpiece rotates allowing you to use the lead as an ear-hook, or you can turn it the other way and use them as a plain and simple in-ear device. The special features don't end there. The set comes with 'Nightnav', a glowing button on the back which lights up so you'll be visible when it's dark. On top of that there's 'Safesound' so you can hear traffic around you. Expensive, but these really are high-end.

Clean and clear

Sennheiser PMX 686 Sports, £79.99, from

With two versions available for Apple (686i) and Android (686G) devices, these sturdy but light headphones really do impress. Whether you have small or large lugholes, you'll find they sit neatly in your ears without moving.

Likewise, despite the frame being strong, you can't feel it resting on the back of your head. The benefit of having wired headphones is you don't need to charge them, just plug them into your phone/mp3 player when you want to use them. You can take calls through them too and for those concerned about hygiene, the earphones have SteriTouch meaning they are antimicrobial. A great set of headphones and useful for all types of exercise, especially when you're at the gym.

Ready for Rio

Urbanista Rio Reflex Earphones, £34, from

Targeted towards 'young, urban people' these fitness earphones will actually suit anyone after a good quality, waterproof music accessory. There are two options: the Rio or the Boston, the former comes with a tangle-free, thin cable, while the Boston is wireless.

However, given the cables on both are reflective - to keep you safe in the dark - you might as well get more bang (or lead) for your buck and opt for the Rio. There are three sizes of ear-buds including one without the 'GoFit wing' for when you're not exercising. In addition to the reflective lead, the earbuds are waterproof and can be easily cleaned, so whether it's pouring with rain or the summer heat is making you sweat, your music won't be interrupted.

Long running battery

Jam Transit Micro Sports Buds Bluetooth Headphones, £39.99, from

Considering all the extras you get with these headphones, they're unbelievably priced. Powered by Bluetooth you'll want to give them a good long charge before using them, but when the battery is full you'll get 10 hours play - far more than others on the market.

Next up the cable, it's reflective and comes with a natty 'Customfit' panel so you can extend or reduce the amount of cord you need, and there are several sizes of ear hooks and fins to keep the buds in place. If you're running outdoors, stay aware of your environment with the 'Safe Surround' function. On top of this, the back of the earphones are magnetic so when you're not using them they sit neatly together. Finally, there's the packaging, instead of coming in an ordinary box, these come in a water bottle (obviously you'll want to wash it before you use it). A great all-rounder set of headphones.

A real cheek

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium, £109.95, from

Strictly speaking these aren't earphones, they're more like cheek-phones. A marvel of technology, you'll hear music via 'bone conduction' - mini vibrations will make their way from your cheekbones through to your inner ears. That may sound a bit unnerving, but they're actually comfortable and you won't feel the reverberations. Whether you're out running or taking your mountain bike out, you'll be able to hear your favourite tunes while also being completely aware of your surroundings.

You can take calls and there's a voice notification function called 'Audrey Says'. They are Bluetooth operated and the one-size fits all sits snugly on your cheeks, regardless of the size of your head.

App of the week

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This incredibly popular running app is a great addition to your jog, not only will it track distances (via GPS), count calories, your speed and pace, but also stores previous runs so you can see improvement.

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