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Apple tipped to release iPhone 5 in October


The latest version of Apple's iPhone is due to be released on 21 October, according to reports.

Rumours about the iPhone 5 surfaced yesterday after a memo requesting arrangements be made at an electronics retailer for an "Apple fixture" to be installed early that morning was published by technology blog This is My Next.

The note, which is unverified but appears to be a leaked appointment card, asks that a manager be present at a Best Buy store in the US to install the fixture. Best Buy Mobile managers are also reported to be meeting on 10 October to "discuss upcoming big release dates".

Mid-October has been suggested as a likely date for a new product release and Apple is known to be planning an update to the iPhone series. But no official launch has been scheduled by the firm, with little time left to capture the Christmas market. The previous phone was released simultaneously in the US and Britain. Apple said it did not comment on speculation.