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Apple TV released: orders open for new set-top box, which Apple hopes can bring Siri to the living room

Apple has opened pre-orders for its Apple TV set-top box, which represents the first part of its big push to try and burst into people’s living rooms.

The box, revealed last month, has gone on sale and will start arriving for those who order early later this week.

Apple’s new TV box builds on the company’s existing piece of hockey puck shaped and sized kit— and looks almost identical to it — but features a remote with built-in Siri and which can transform into a controller to make the box into something like a games console. It also brings an App Store through which developers can sell their games.

The 32GB model costs £129 or $149, and the 64GB one costs £169 or $199. The extra space will largely be taken up by games, though Apple offers the option to store much of the game in the cloud and then get it downloaded when it is needed.

Apple’s guide to choosing between the storage sizes says: “If you plan to use your Apple TV primarily to stream movies, TV shows, and music or to play a few apps and games, you’ll probably be fine with 32GB of storage.

“If you plan to download and use lots of apps and games, choose the 64GB configuration. Keep in mind when making your decision, that some apps, when in use, do require additional storage.”

Apple also encourages customers to upgrade to an AppleCare Protection Plan, which costs another £26 and gives two years of technical support. It also offers its own relatively expensive HDMI cable, for £15, since one doesn’t come in the box.


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