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Apple unveil iPhone X to mark tenth anniversary with Face ID technology and wireless charging

Apple have unveiled the iPhone X - a special version of the phone to mark its tenth anniversary.

Apple boss Tim Cook used Steve Jobs's favoured "one more thing" line to announce the widely rumoured special edition smartphone.

The Apple boss called the new device the "future of the iPhone", and announced it will feature new facial recognition technology called Face ID.

It will be the most expensive iPhone ever, costing 999 dollars and going on sale on November 3.

The software uses infrared sensors among others to build a dot pattern and recognise a user's face through machine learning techniques.

Apple says it can even recognise users in the dark.

As well as being used to unlock the device, Face ID technology can also be used to create Animoji - animated emoji controlled by the user's face.

The larger screen, which fills the front of the device and replaces the traditional home button, also uses OLED screen technology for the first time.

The Super Retina display screen is now swiped upwards to unlock, with swipes also used to close apps now the home button is gone.

Apple's Phil Schiller also revealed the dual rear cameras on the X will be 12 megapixel and both will carry optical image stabilisation for the first time.

The front-facing camera now carries Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting technology for the first time, which the firm says will enable users to take better selfies.

The new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were also announced by Mr Tim Cook, who called the phones a "huge step forward" for the device.

The two new phones will feature glass on the front and rear of the device for the first time, which has been specially sealed to make the 8 and 8 Plus dust and water resistant.

The 12 megapixel cameras on both devices also come with a new photo mode called Portrait Lighting which can be used to add extra lighting to portrait photos.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will also be capable for wireless charging for the first time.

The technology giant said the 8 and 8 Plus are also the first smartphones to have been designed for augmented reality (AR).

The technology mixes real and virtual images on a single screen.

Apple announced a developer kit for the technology earlier this year called ARKit and said this technology has been built into the hardware and software of the new devices.

The tech giant confirmed pre-orders for the two new phones will begin on September 15 and they will go on sale in the UK on September 22.

The iPhone 8 will cost 699 dollars, and the iPhone 8 Plus 799 dollars.

Apple also unveiled its its latest watch which allows users to make calls, send messages and stream music without a connection to a smartphone.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will launch exclusively with EE on September 22, costing 399 US dollars, the technology giant announced.

It is the first Apple Watch to contain its own mobile phone signal in a small electronic SIM, with the screen acting as the antenna.

Apple said the new watch will be able to stream music, as well as take and receive calls directly when the wearer is away from and not connected to a smartphone.

The watch will run Apple's latest smartwatch software, watchOS4, which can send notifications to users when unexpected raised heart rates are detected.

Another version of the watch without a mobile phone signal will also launch, costing 329 dollars.

The widely rumoured Apple TV 4K was also unveiled, which will support better quality 4K resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) on the streaming box for the first time.

The two technologies are designed to offer a wider range of high quality colours and higher resolution images.

Apple confirmed the new streaming box will also offer 4K content from streaming services including Netflix and Amazon.

It will join the new Apple Watch in going on-sale on September 22.

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