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Apple Watch Spring Forward event: how to livestream keynote


Apple is expected to properly launch its watch — confirming the price and release dates, as well as other details — at the “Spring Forward” event, which begins at 5pm UK time.

The event will be live streamed at Apple’s page for live events. (You can also add the event to your calendar there, if you need a reminder.)

But that page will only work for people with Apple devices — using Safari either on Macs or iOS.

The stream can also be watched on the Apple TV, which has a devoted channel for Apple events. The button appeared this morning — it can be accessed in the same way as other apps such as Netflix — though the video is not yet live.

If you want to watch but don’t have access to an Apple device, workarounds can sometimes be found. VLC Player sometimes allows users to watch by opening up the feed within the player — though whether that will work will be unclear until the event actually happens.

To do so, download the VLC app and click to "Open Network Stream". Then post this link, which is the one that the Apple TV uses to play its stream:



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