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Belfast tech firm equips stores for future as shoppers seek more personal experience

Enda McShane
Enda McShane

By Staff Reporter

A Belfast firm is helping equip retailers for the future with technology including sensors to detect when a customer is picking up a product.

The technology developed by Velocity Worldwide can then send a message to a customer offering them a discount on the product.

Velocity Worldwide's clients include retail property management firms Standard Life Investments and Cushman and Wakefield, plus brands such as L'Occitane, Topshop and grocers like Spar, Family Shopper and Dairy Queen.

The company has developed Darius for Retail, a shopper data, personalisation and insight software platform which works with mobile and in-store technology, such as Wi-Fi and beacons.

It can be used to create personalised shopping experiences and marketing campaigns for shoppers who opt in. Enda McShane, chief executive and founder of Velocity Worldwide, said: "The problem for many retailers is that they don't really understand who their customers are. They're also unsure about how best to utilise technology to enhance their shopping experience and create an ongoing conversation with them.

"Velocity has built and developed a $20m bespoke platform that allows retailers to develop a granular understanding of customers' preferences and behaviours, and then create a personalised shopping experience."

Fashion retailer Rio Brazil, which has a store in Belfast's Victoria Square, said the technology had allowed it to increase its customer database by 36%.

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