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Big Video Challenge: Spotlight on the Seagate Codebreakers

The NI schools' Big Video Challenge nears its finale – with 18 awards up for grabs at an action-packed ceremony in Belfast tomorrow.

The competition – designed to promote science/maths-based 'STEM' subjects – has attracted hundreds of entries from over 50 schools.

Its aim is to drive technological creativity amongst young people, to help them develop digital media skills whilst engaging with core subjects in new ways.

In simple terms, young people make short videos related to their curriculum, the best win prizes and all the videos become a fantastic peer-to-peer learning resource for the next crop of young people.

The finale is being held in front of 300 pupils at the Odyssey Cinema in Belfast tomorrow.

A key part of the competition is the Seagate Codebreakers challenge, sponsored by the technology giant which has a huge plant near Derry/Londonderry.

Seagate is a global leader in data storage solutions, an important part of which is its NI facility in Springtown where the company develops and manufactures read-write heads for hard disk drives.

This manufacturing operation is recognised as the UK's most advanced nanotechnology manufacturing facility.

In the Seagate Codebreaker, pupils must learn to create their own secret codes, make a video about them and win prizes.

They will be asked questions like: How do secret codes help make the world of technology work? People have always used codes. We use codes in language, in maths and to communicate privately.

Codes are also used in technology in all sorts of exciting ways - from the passwords on websites to how computers talk to each other.

The Seagate Codebreaker Challenge asks young people to learn about how codes are used and create their own secret codes - before making a short video to show off their work.

The best projects will win a special top secret spy movie screening at a local cinema for their entire class.

There are 18 prizes this year and they are as follows;

Code Breaker: Primary winner

                         Primary Runner Up

                         Primary Highly Commended

Code Breaker: Post-Primary Winner

                         Post-Primary Runner Up

                         Post- Primary Highly Commended

Future Careers: Post Primary Winner

                          Post- Primary Runner Up

                          Post-Primary Highly Commended

Most Creative Video: Primary

                                   Post primary

Teacher Prize: Primary


Belfast City Council Special Recognition Award

Special Recognition: Effort


                     Group Work

                     Video of the Year


Each video was submitted in relation to one of the following Key Stage categories:

Key Stage 2

Years 5,6 and 7 (Ages 8-11)

Key Stage 3

Years 8, 9 and 10 (Ages 11-14)

Key Stage 4

Years 11 and 12 (Ages 14-16)

Key Stage 5

Years 13 and 14 (Ages 16-18)


Post-competition, short-listed videos will be brought together and distributed to all participating schools for use in the classroom, and all submitted videos will be hosted online.

In doing so, students will be contributing to building a valuable, branded, teaching asset - with international potential.

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