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Consumers 'not interested' in mini iPad

By David Crookes

Apple is often at the centre of rumours about its next products but the persistant speculation that it will produce a mini version of its best-selling iPad is not going down too well with consumers.

According to a survey, nearly half believe a seven-inch tablet computer would be Apple's biggest flop even though it would, if true, be going up against similar sized devices such as the Google Nexus 7.

A fifth say the rumoured iPad Mini would not be necessary either although 54 per cent of those polled would consider buying a Nexus 7 and 46 per cent fancy a Microsoft Surface.

Of the 1,012 people polled, 42 per cent already owned an iPad which could account for the negativity. A further 28 per cent owned a different type of tablet device.

The iPad Mini, according to the speculators, will have a smaller, standard definition screen and it would be cheaper than the typical £399 cost of the iPad.

Those taking part were asked: “What would you make of a new iPad, that was smaller and less expensive, but perhaps not as good in quality?”

While six per cent said it would be a good move and nine per cent said it was much-needed, 42 per cent said it would be Apple's biggest flop and 21 per cent said it was not at all necessary.

Yet when all of the respondents were asked if they would consider buying an iPad Mini, 31%, said they would.

George Charles, Marketing Director at which carried out the survey, said: "If people are more interested in the Nexus 7 or Surface, perhaps Apple should have a rethink and come up with something more original, not just a smaller version of something that’s already out there."

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