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Facebook fails to stop legal action over naked picture of 14-year-old Northern Ireland girl

Social network faces trial over 'shame page' picture was posted on

Facebook has failed to stop legal action over a picture of a naked 14-year-old girl from Northern Ireland that was posted on its site.

Lawyers for the child argue that the site is liable for a picture they say was blackmailed from her and then posted on Facebook without her permission. It was posted repeatedly on a range of pages on Facebook, the case argues.

The girl is taking legal action against Facebook as well as against the man who posted the photo. The case is thought to be the first in the world and could set a major precedent about whether social media sites are liable for what is posted on them.

Lawyers for the girl have argued that Facebook should have blocked a "shame page" that it was posted on. If that site and the photo had been blocked then the image wouldn't have been published, they argued.

But Facebook lawyers said that the hearing should be dismissed, because Facebook did what it could to take the photo down when it was notified that it had been posted.

The girl is seeking damages from Facebook and the man who posted the image, arguing that they have misussed private information and have breached the Data Protection Act.

Facebook had looked to have the case thrown out. But a judge in Belfast refused its bid and the case will now go to a full trial.

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