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Facebook goes down in Europe and parts of Asia


Internet users in Europe and parts of Asia were unable to access the world’s biggest social networking website Facebook this morning.

At around 6.45am GMT users in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Russia and Turkey said that they were unable to reach the website from their desktop machines.

Users in Nepal, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Pakistan, Korea and elsewhere were also reporting problems. During the outage some Twitter users reported success in reaching the website via mobile devices.

The issue has now been resolved. Host-tracker, a service which monitors accessibility of internet websites, reports no problem in all 42 Facebook DNS-servers located in Europe, Asia and North America.

A Facebook statement said: "Today we experienced technical difficulties causing the site to be unavailable for a number of users.

"The issue has been resolved and everyone should now have access to Facebook. We apologise for any inconvenience."

Some Twitter users had speculated that the site was attacked by hacktivist group Anonymous or the LulzSec spin-off.

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Facebook servers are considered to be among the most secure in the world.

Twitter users poke fun at Facebook misfortunes

Russell Smith @russellsmithuk: If Facebook shut down: We'd see people roaming the streets shoving pictures in peoples face screaming "Do you like this?! DO YOU?!"

Purple Cow @Purple_Cow: #Facebook is #down, expect a surge in productivity in offices everywhere today.

GlennyRodge @GlennyRodge: Facebook is down. I hope my imaginary wife's gonna be okay; she gets all her food from FarmVille. *frantically clicks the OMG button*

Paul @goldylookfleece: Facebook down millions of people in confusion as what they should do

Adrian Weckler ? @adrianweckler: Facebook partially down. A bit like the oil crisis in the 70s.

Michelle vollmer ? @michellevollmer: What did we do before Facebook? Time to find out today.

Steve Rickman ? @srickman33: #Facebook is down across Europe. Who left Greece in charge of the Internet bill??

Tom Watson ? @WatsonTom91: "OH MY GOD, FACEBOOK WAS DOWN, IT IS THE END. RUN FOR THE HILLS. HOLD ME." My Facebook news feed right now. Sigh.