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Facebook to roll out solution to 'freebooting' problem with video matching technology

Facebook have announced new plans to combat a practice common on the site known as 'freebooting'.

'Freebooting' is the act of downloading a piece of content from YouTube or Vine and uploading it to Facebook's native video player without credit.

Many large Facebook communities have been engaging in 'freebooting' to take advantage of Facebook's push towards native video content, gaining hundreds to millions of views on content created by other people on other platforms.

Facebook announced via their blog that they are building a 'video matching technology' to combat the growing problem.

The company say they have been working with Audible Magic and "making improvements to our existing procedures so that infringing content can be reported and removed more efficiently, and to keep repeat infringers off our service".

They add that creators have been asking for "more tools" and to that end, they are "building new video matching technology that will be available to a subset of creators".

"Our matching tool will evaluate millions of video uploads quickly and accurately, and when matches are surfaced, publishers will be able to report them to us for removal".

"We will soon begin testing the beta version of this matching technology with a small group of partners, including media companies, multi-channel networks and individual video creators".

Facebook have come under fire in recent months from, among others, prolific content creators like Hank Green, who wrote a blog blasting Facebook for it's "deceptive" practices and regarding

A report by Ogilvy and Tubular Labs revealed that 725 of the most 1,000 popular native Facebook videos in 2015 were 'stolen re-uploads', accounting for 17 Billion views.

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