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Facebook users warned over security scam


Facebook members were warned today of a rogue ‘dislike’ feature luring users into giving away personal information to scammers.

The social networking website said it was investigating examples of the scam which tricks members into giving away permission to access their profile pages.

The scam was launched amid calls for the introduction of an official dislike feature to accompany the ‘like’ button already in place, according to IT security firm Sophos.

Graham Cluley, of Sophos, said: “Facebook users should think carefully before they click on an unknown link in a friend's status update as these scams are becoming increasingly common.

“Giving away personal information in a survey and allowing an application access to your profile is extremely risky.”

A Facebook spokeswoman said the website disables malicious applications as soon as they are reported. “As always, we encourage people not to click on suspicious links anywhere, even if they've been sent or posted by friends,” she said. “We also have a robust reporting system in place.”

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