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Forbes Rich List: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg overtaken by Amazon's Jeff Bezos in race for top slot


Online empire: Amazon proprietor Jeff Bezos

Online empire: Amazon proprietor Jeff Bezos

Online empire: Amazon proprietor Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, the man who gave us Amazon, is now United States' fourth richest person.

The staggering jump in wealth has seen him overtake Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who also had a relatively good year of financial growth.

Bezos is now in the fourth slot on the Forbes 400 Richest Americans list while Zuckerberg has been demoted to seventh place.

From drone deliveries to turning every customer into a postman, Bezos has seen quite a financial gain for his efforts over the last year.

According to the Forbes 400 for 2015, Bezos’ wealth grew by $16.5bn over the last year. To put that in context, Bezos has grown his overall wealth by 54pc in one year - or the entire gross domestic product of Georgia.

Zuckerberg saw his wealth grow by a mere $6.3bn up to $40.3bn while he splits his time between Facebook and Internet.org, a project that aims to connect the two thirds of the world that currently doesn’t have internet access.

Elsewhere in the list its business as usual at the top spot with Microsoft’s Bill Gates remaining both America’s and the World’s richest person. Despite taking a hit of $5bn this year the tech legend is still worth $76bn.

Snapchat founder unsurprisingly makes an appearance as the youngest American billionaire. 25-year-old Evan Spiegel comes in at number 327 with a value of $2.1bn.

The combined wealth of the list, which includes presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s $4.5bn, clocks in at $2.34 trillion, up 2.18pc from last year.

The list is made up of 273 self-made billionaires, 61 who inherited their wealth and 66 who inherited at least a portion but are still increasing it.

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