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Free VPN: Opera browser introduces unlimited virtual private network

Opera has announced it's integrating an unlimited and free virtual private network (VPN) into its internet browser, which will allow users to retain their privacy online and easily access blocked websites.

The new feature will remove the need for users to download third-party browser extensions, or pay for VPN subscriptions.

VPNs work by establishing a private connection over a public network. VPN clients, like Opera's, often set up encrypted connections with VPN servers, making it very difficult for third parties, like internet companies, security agencies or hackers, to see what you're browsing.

They're often used by businesses to protect private information when staff are working remotely, but increasingly they're being adopted by security-conscious internet users who want to make sure their data is protected.

VPNs can also make it seem as though you're in a different country - making it possible for people to access blocked websites, or circumvent restrictions on entertainment sites like BBC iPlayer or Netflix.

Many VPNs cost money to use, or place limits on the amount of data which can be used in a certain period.

Opera's native VPN is completely free and has no data limit, although it's only available on the developer version of the browser, where the company tests out features before offering them to all users.

The VPN is now live on the latest version of the developer browser. If you want to make sure you're browsing securely, it could be worth trying out.

The Opera developer browser can be downloaded here.


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