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Games Review: Don King Boxing

Don King may be a heavyweight name when it comes to boxing promotion but sadly this game to which he lends his name is lightweight to say the least.

The experience is similar to Wii Sports in that the view is in-body and the control system is relatively straight-forward. Holding B releases a body blow and A raises your defences, letting you duck and weave with a waggle.

In Story mode you take control of 'The Kid', a plucky underdog who you must lead on the path to becoming a world champion. The actual fights in Don King require juggling your health against stamina, softening opponents up with simple jabs before flattening them with a super-powered special.

It's a simple idea but unfortunately you will find that punches randomly don't register, not that it matters too much as your opponent will usually give up after being floored once or twice.

Exhibition mode offers two-player bouts with a roster of boxers but the choice is pretty sparse which is surprising given Don's personal involvement. Balance board support lets you weave during a fight but you're better off using the standard controls. Training mode is better but four exercises are slight compared to Ready 2 Rumble's many modes and customisation.

By far the best aspect of Don King's boxing are the unintentionally amusing cutscenes. Big name boxers such as Joe Calzaghe sit there telling you how they always thought the Kid had potential and picked him out as one to watch. A genuinely innovative idea is ruined by hammy overacting as Don and the gang chew the carpet.

Sadly, the Wii is still waiting for that killer boxing title but until it arrives Wii Sports own fighting sim remains the best option.

Don King Boxing is out now on Nintendo Wii

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