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Gear 360: Samsung could unveil 360-degree camera alongside the Galaxy S7

We already know that Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S7 smartphone on 21 February, but they could be revealing a 360-degree camera at the same time.

Samsung fan website SamMobile claims to have confirmed that the company is getting ready to launch the Gear 360, a video camera that can capture 360 degrees of footage at once, allowing viewers to see different angles within a single video, or even watch it through a virtual reality (VR) headset.

The disc-shaped camera works by using a number of fisheye lenses to film all of the area around it at once, before stitching these different videos together into a single 360-degree image.

SamMobile claims it will be compatible with the S7 via Bluetooth, potentially allowing 360-degree video streaming and phone controls.

The camera reportedly has a built-in power supply, so there's no need for long cables, and boasts many of the variables and video customisation options that you'd find in a high-end video camera.

Samsung helped bring VR technology to the masses with their Gear VR headset, a low-cost device that uses an ordinary Samsung phone to give users a surprisingly good VR experience.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 to be unveiled at 'Unpacked' event on 21 February 

If the Gear 360 camera really is due for an imminent unveiling, Samsung could do the same for 360-degree filmmaking.

Most 360-degree cameras currently cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds. The models available to ordinary consumers are a bit cheaper, but they're all fairly limited in image resolution and how long they can record for.

Whether the Gear 360 will take off or not depends heavily on the price, which hasn't been revealed yet.

SamMobile said they expect the new camera to make its debut alongside the Galaxy S7, at the pre-Mobile World Congress announcement in Barcelona on 21 February.

Samsung did make a lot of hints about its VR operation in a teaser trailer for the event, but only time will tell if we'll see the Gear 360 this month.


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