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Google accused of sell-out on net principles


Goggle was accused last night of betraying the founding principles of the internet as it readied a deal that will abandon key parts of its support for ‘net neutrality', which has guaranteed equal access to the worldwide web since its inception.

In what one internet freedom campaigner called a “doomsday scenario”, the search engine pioneer is close to agreeing terms with the largest telecoms company in the US that would open the door to special “fast lanes” for favoured internet traffic.

The bilateral agreement between Google and Verizon raises the spectre of big media corporations carving up the internet be

tween them, and side-steps the Obama administration's attempts to ensure that all internet traffic is treated the same.

The company denied that it will sign any deal to buy fast-lane access for its own traffic, which includes bandwidth-heavy videos from its loss-making YouTube site.

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