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Google search algorithm change means sites that still aren't mobile-optimised risk losing business

Google has noticed that over 80% of the traffic for local businesses is now coming from mobile devices
Google has noticed that over 80% of the traffic for local businesses is now coming from mobile devices

In April Google announced its largest search engine ranking adjustment of all time.

Impacting tens of millions of businesses worldwide, they have announced the search results will now favour “mobile friendly” websites over traditional websites. This means that if you own a business and your website does not pass the Google Mobile Test, you are likely already losing valuable online traffic to your website and are seeing a drop in the search results as Google places more modern, mobile optimized sites above yours.

Google has noticed that over 80% of the traffic for local businesses is now coming from mobile devices like tablets, IPads and Mobile phones. For the first time in history in 2015, there are now more total searches done daily through mobile devices than through traditional Laptops or PC’s. 

This trend has completely transformed the way people search for products and services online and Google wants their users to be provided with websites that are specifically designed to provide the searcher with the best quality experience while using Google to search online.

Darren McErlean from said: "The trend to mobile searching has taken the world by storm including Ireland. The challenge facing millions of businesses worldwide is simple. Over the first 20 years of the internet, websites were built to look and function properly on Personal Computers and Laptops.

"This worked fine for a while but now we have a new breed of searcher. The mobile searcher is not waiting to get to work or home to search on a laptop or PC. They want instant results and the mobile devices of today allow them to search for anything they want wherever they are in the world. The challenge is, the traditional websites what were built for Laptops and PC’s do not look or function properly on Mobile devices.

"This makes it very challenging for the Google searcher to have a positive experience while doing a mobile search as the traditional website are very hard to navigate. The end result is Google now is stating that if you want to show up in the search results, and receive traffic for customers from Googles users, you must make your site mobile friendly.

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Darren warns that if companies do not make this adjustment they risk losing your online traffic flows and new customers.

This massive Google change has already negatively impacted businesses around the world as reports have come in that search engine rankings for non mobile sites are already dropping and businesses are seeing a significant reduction on their traffic and customers form their websites.

The solution is to have your site Mobile tested to see if it passes Google's Mobile-Friendly Test and to adjust the inner workings of the site to make sure it will show up properly in search. 

Darren said: "We know the urgency of this Google Change and the impact it can have on Irish businesses. We are offering to help any business with a free test and analysis to help as many businesses avoid a negative Google penalty and continue to do well in the Google Mobile rankings."

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