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HTC Vive: Woman plays Brookhaven Experiment zombie game on VR headset, completely freaks out

A clip, uploaded to YouTube by Norwegian gaming couple Karl and Renate, shows Renate getting to grips with Phosphor Games' The Brookhaven Experiment, a survival horror game for the HTC Vive VR headset.

It's a fairly straightforward VR game - the player, anchored to one spot in a creepy (and pitch-black) expanse of wasteland, has to fight off wave after wave of horrific monsters, upgrading their weapons and abilities as they go.

Using one controller as her weapon and the other as a torch, valiant Renate makes it through the first wave alive - screaming, shaking and hyperventilating for the duration.

It's a funny (and slightly terrifying) video on its own, but it also goes to show the power of VR - it'll be interesting to see what kind of reactions horror games provoke in the future, once the technology has improved and games become even more immersive.


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