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InfoSec 2016: Global experts to address cybersecurity issues at RDS


InfoSec 2016 takes place on November 15. Image: Shutterstock.com

InfoSec 2016 takes place on November 15. Image: Shutterstock.com

InfoSec 2016 takes place on November 15. Image: Shutterstock.com

Ireland's first annual cybersecurity conference, InfoSec 2016, is set to address the main areas of IT security threats and the implications for businesses in Ireland.

The conference takes place on November 15 in the RDS and is sponsored by technology expert eir Business, a Cisco Gold Partner.

Among the keynote speakers are WikiLeaks journalist Sarah Harrison; Detective Inspector Michael Gubbins of the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation's Computer Crime Investigations Unit; and Conor Flynn, Information Security Assurance Services (ISAS).

As well as listening to specialists in the field, InfoSec 2016 delegates will have the opportunity to learn about the latest research, tools and technologies to reduce risk and protect against security breaches in organisations.

InfoSec 2016 will focus on Virtual Payments Security; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robots; Ransomware; and The Internet of Things.

It will also examine the issue of Public Sector attacks - a timely addition considering some recent high profile attacks, including the one on An Garda Síochána's internal network, which occurred in early August.

"By any measure, the digital threats that businesses and organisations of all sizes face are increasing," said Adrian Weckler, INM Technology Editor and InfoSec 2016 MC.

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"Many organisations don't feel they're getting on top of the situation. InfoSec 2016 will examine some of the critically important issues that threaten businesses and organisations in Ireland and abroad."

Bill Archer, Managing Director of eir Business, and a lead sponsor of the event said: "With the rapid increase in cybercrimes, including Ransomware, information security is a mandatory requirement for every organisation and here in eir Business we work side-by-side with our customers to protect their business by helping them understand, detect and manage security threats."

Security experts and responders will address topics including: With the Rise of the Robots, what do Irish companies need to guard against when buying new automated services, sales and manufacturing systems?

What are the security implications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in smart business systems?

"With the threat of cybercrime increasing at pace, we feel that InfoSec will provide insight and guidance to Irish businesses and professionals to ensure they are equipped to deal with this problem. We look forward to profiling and interviewing the experts working in this field in the run up to the event and reporting the latest findings and advice back to our audiences," said INM Editor-in-Chief Stephen Rae.

InfoSec 2016 is an Independent News and Media event. Please visit independent.ie/infosec2016 for further information & tickets.

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