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Instagram users can now post full-size landscape and portrait photos

Instagram users can now post full-size landscape and portrait photos.

"We’re excited to announce that - in addition to square posts - you can now share photos and videos in both portrait and landscape orientation," Instagram announced on its blog today.

"Square format has been and always will be part of who we are. That said, the visual story you’re trying to tell should always come first, and we want to make it simple and fun for you to share moments just the way you want to."

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When you access your photo gallery from within the updated app, you’ll now see a format button above the camera roll. You can use this button to toggle between square and full-size images. From there, you can zoom in and out to choose the best crop for your photos.

The change is a way for the Facebook-owned company to take advantage of the growing rise of mobile video, especially as rival service Snapchat takes the lead in portrait-oriented smartphone videography.

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“We’re especially excited about what this update means for video on Instagram, which in widescreen can be more cinematic than ever,” the blog post continued.

The update also unifies Instagram's photo and video filters, so now any filter can be applied to your post regardless of its format. It will be available to both iOS and Android users today.

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