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iPhone 7 Plus: Mockup shows what Apple's rumoured phone and its blue colour scheme would look like

A new video shows what Apple's iPhone 7 Plus looks like.

The new handset isn’t set to be released until mid-September. But there have been so many leaks that it’s easy to get a rough picture of what it’s going to look like.

And those leaks have been made real with a new phone that’s supposedly based on leaked specifications and shows what the new handset might look like.

It also shows how the rumoured new blue colour on the actual phone. As has previously been rumoured, the mockup includes the dark blue colour of the new phone.

It features the other two rumoured features of the upcoming handset: that it will lose its headphone jack, making way for other features, and that the bigger version of the phone will include a dual-lens camera for better pictures.

In the mockup, the lost headphone jack makes way for more speakers and extra space on the bottom. Some reports have suggested that the disappeared headphone jack will also allow the new phone to be waterproof.

It also shows what the phone would look like without the antenna lines that snake around the back of the iPhone 6 and 6s. It also includes the three dots of the Smart Connector – which is already on the iPad Pro and lets it connect to accessories.

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Apple is expected to unveil its new handset at an event in mid-September, and they will go on sale soon after that.