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My Mother's House Blends Poetry and Gaming


Poetry and video games would seem to be at opposite ends of a scale, but a new work by Adam Clarke Victoria Bennett blends the two to create a touching, immersive and truly unique experience.

Supported by the Writing Platform Bursary Programme, in association with Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, My Mother’s House is described as a “a poem-world built in Minecraft”. The poem reflects Victoria’s experiences of caring for her mother in the final years of her life and examines issues associated with the loss of a loved one.

Victoria’s reading of the poem is accompanied by a Minecraft interpretation of her mother’s house with the player moving from room to room as the poem unfolds. There’s also an accompanying map which Minecraft players can download and explore. More dreamlike than narrative, the whole thing conjures a distinctive mood which verges on the unsettling.

But it also demonstrates an imaginative use of Minecraft that suggests any number of possible new ideas for combining prose, poetry, storytelling, music and drama with the game. This is Minecraft as animation, creating a stage on which the poem unfolds - and it’s a must watch.

Download the map here: http://bit.ly/1L6aowU


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