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More pupils 'should embrace' tech and engineering subjects

By Alan Jones

Business groups urged the Government to encourage more pupils to study crucial engineering-related subjects such as physics, design and technology after fewer youngsters achieved top grades in the subjects.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) said the UK's engineering and technology skills shortage was being made worse by a drop in numbers studying the subjects, while schools themselves were dropping the subjects.

Stephanie Fernandes of the IET said: "Given engineering currently accounts for 27% of our total GDP, and we are expecting a shortfall of 1.82 million new engineers over the next decade, removing subjects like design and technology from the curriculum is incredibly short-sighted.

"The subject is vital for engaging young people in the creative and problem fixing side of engineering. If they don't have this opportunity at school, it is inevitable we will produce fewer engineers, which represents a genuine risk to our economy."

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