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New Belfast tech business SUSSD secures 1,000 sign-ups in its first week



Momentum: Callum Curry

Momentum: Callum Curry

Matt Mackey

Momentum: Callum Curry

A Belfast technology start-up that allows companies to test ideas with the public before investing has had 1,000 sign-ups in its first week.

SUSSD, a social impact platform, represents a pre-seed investment of over £80,000, including funds raised via local angel investors and a £15,000 grant for social innovation from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation in London.

It allows consumers to make money on-the-go by voicing their opinions to brands and organisations through a web application which is available across all devices.

SUSSD members are paid each time they answer a question, while also having the opportunity to win more money with a 'golden ticket' - a bonus amount distributed to respondents at random.

Users have the option to cash out their 'wallet' via Paypal or - with a new feature being unlocked next month - donate the money they have earned to one of several local charities.

SUSSD CEO Callum Curry said: "Launching SUSSD and introducing it to local consumers and brands has been an exciting time for us.

"After investing so much effort into the development, it's amazing to see people responding so well. We look forward to seeing where this momentum can take us over the next few months."

The platform allows organisations and agencies to test creative ideas with consumers before pouring resources into a project, giving them an opportunity to gain a better understanding of their markets, test marketing strategies and engage closely with users at a more competitive price than traditional methods.

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