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Nike FuelBand owners to receive refund after lawsuit claims technology is inaccurate

Nike is to recompense customers who have bought a FuelBand in the past three-and-a-half years, after a lawsuit claimed that the fitness trackers are inaccurate.

The sportswear firm has agreed to give customers a $15 partial refund or a $25 Nike gift card in the US and Puerto Rico. The decision was part of a court settlement against Nike and tech giant Apple, who collaborated on the band with.

Launched in 2012, FuelBands measure the calories a person has burned, tells the time, and uses an accelerometer to track a person’s steps. Users can harness the technology to set daily goals, which can be fed wirelessly to a smartphone app.

However, a lawsuit launched against Nike and Apple alleges that the band does not accurately track energy burned or steps, and that there were breaches in warranty terms, according to a statement released by Gilardi & Co., a law firm which administers court settlements.

Nike and Apple agreed to settle the case to avoid a continued legal battle, according to court documents see by the Associated Press.

Both firms deny the claims, and neither has been found guilty of wrongdoing.

Nike and Apple were asked for a comment on the situation, but have not yet made a response.


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