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Nintendo NX: Super Smash Bros. game could arrive at launch with new console

Nintendo fans are already far too excited at the prospect of the company releasing the new Nintendo NX console, but they'll be even happier to hear that a new Smash Bros. game could be among the launch titles.

The rumour emerged on Twitter, after Japanese gaming industry insider Dr Serkan Toto said that Bandai Namco, the developers of the recent Wii U and 3DS versions of the game, is currently developing "several" NX titles, one of which is Super Smash Bros.

Following up on his first tweet, Toto said he wasn't completely sure whether the rumoured game would be a completely new title or a reworked version of an older one, but insisted his source was "solid."

It's obviously impossible to confirm whether the rumour is true or not, but it would be a smart choice for Nintendo to put one of its best-loved titles in the NX launch lineup.

As GamesRadar points out, we can assume that the rumoured NX game won't be an all-new title, considering six years passed between the most recent and previous versions of the game.

An updated version of Smash Bros., a game in which various Nintendo characters fight each other, could potentially include a number of new fighters and game modes.

However, it's hard to find anything solid about the new game, since very little is known about the NX itself - Nintendo has confirmed it's working on the new console, but has said it'll only reveal more at some point during 2016, possibly at the E3 games convention in Los Angeles.

There's been lots of speculation over whether it'll be a handheld or a console (or a hybrid of the two), or whether it might have an innovative touch-screen controller (as suggested by a recent Nintendo patent).

At any rate, there's plenty of Nintendo fans who'll be sold on the NX straight away if a new Smash Bros. title is released at launch.


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