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Peeple: The app that lets you rate everyone you know


Peeple is a new app that allows you to rate everyone you know

Peeple is a new app that allows you to rate everyone you know

Peeple is a new app that allows you to rate everyone you know

How many people have you angered, upset, or hurt in the past? Well if you don't know, then you should prepare yourself to find out through Peeple - a new app that allows users to review and rate people they know.

The app is being described as the Yelp for people and it offers the chance to give a 1 to 5-star rating in professional, personal and dating categories.

This means that if you're holding a grudge against your former best friend, angry at your ex, or if you dislike your boss, you could give them a bad review, but for those people you really like you could always say something nice.

Developers Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough received a large amount of criticism from people who feel the app will give some the opportunity to harass and be cruel to others. 

Some have taken to Facebook slamming the developers for creating an app they believe will ruin society. Others have asked about the illegal ramifications on releasing the app, such as possible identity theft and fraud.

The app launches next month and offers no way to remove yourself once someone has started rating you. There is also no way to delete a review you think is unfair or biased, but you can report it.

You have to join the app through Facebook using your real name, and you must be at least 21 years old. To review somebody who is not on the app, you can create a profile for them with their mobile phone number.

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Posted by Peeple on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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They will be notified via text that they've been added to Peeple, but they cannot remove their profile from the app. If you haven’t set up a profile, people will only see your positive reviews.

Negative reviews will be published, but only after 48 hours of being written so that you will have a chance to dispute them. Bad reviews will only last one year on your profile.

But due to the backlash they are receiving from the app, the developers are considering the option of allowing users to opt out.

Julia and Nicole insist that the app exists to promote good feeling among people, and that Peeple is not a bullying platform. Julia told The Washington Post: “As two empathetic female entrepreneurs in the tech space, we want to spread love and positivity. We want to operate with thoughtfulness.”

The developers have also documented the app's progress in a web series called Peeple Watching.