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PlayStation VR: Sony reveals everything anyone needs to know about its PS4 virtual reality headset


PlayStation VR will go on sale October 13

PlayStation VR will go on sale October 13

PlayStation VR will go on sale October 13

Sony has finally answered practically every question that anyone could have about its PlayStation VR headset.

The company is set to release the new accessory next week, and is hoping that it can bring virtual reality into the mainstream. The kit itself is mostly as expected – a headset that plugs into the PlayStation and allows people to play games in virtual reality – but lots of other questions remain.

Thankfully, Sony has posted a full and comprehensive “Ultimate FAQ” that aims to answer any of those remaining questions. And there are, it seems a lot of them.

The guide opens by looking to answer exactly how much it costs, which isn’t as simple as it seems.

PlayStation VR officially costs $399.99 or £349, which includes the headset, and all the kit needed to plug it into the PlayStation itself. But to actually use the headset, people need a camera, and to make the most of it they’ll need two controllers, too – so Sony actually sells a “Launch Bundle” version of the hardware which includes those, for another $100.

Sony’s guide also makes clear that people will need a PlayStation 4. But it makes clear that those controllers will work alongside the traditional one and will be required to make the most of the games.

Sony’s guide also confirms that people will be able to use PS VR when they’re not actually playing virtual reality games. That will be done by using a feature called Cinematic Mode, which will essentially mean that a normal screen is strapped to people’s faces in 2D and without 360-degree features.

That setup will presumably be used either as a way of playing games with what amounts to a huge screen, or to do so in privacy or without taking up a TV.

The guide also makes a clear recommendation that people shouldn’t play with it unless they’re 12 or older.

The FAQ, posted on Sony’s site, includes a whole host of other information including the different frame rates and resolutions that VR games can run at.

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